Monday, December 1, 2008

Bad experience with ASSUMPTION

One day, a computer network trouble was happened at my workplace. The troubled device was in a locked box. At the moment I remembered that the key to open the locked box was put in a small black box. So I began searching that small black box. But after the search took quite some time, I still did not find it anywhere. Then I began getting tired. Finally I gave up and I asked one senior female administrative staff. She told me that the key probably kept in one staff's table drawer. Then together we look into the drawer and.. TADAAA... THERE WAS THE KEY, being put in transparant plastic. Well, actually I DID SEARCH that VERY DRAWER, but being "under suggestion" (or some kind of self hypnotize?) that it supposed to be inside a black box, I just IGNORED the KEY IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES. So it was a WASTE of TIME since then I continued to search somewhere else before finally I asked the female staff assistance.
But now I think about it again, perhaps it was not COMPLETELY a waste of time IF... I LEARN from this experience. THE LESSONS are:

I should NOT BE PANIC at the time, perhaps by taking some time to clear my mind. Perhaps if I stayed calm at that time, then I would possible come up with the idea to asked the other staff about it. If only I asked the female staff earlier, I should find the key easier.

Perhaps at that moment I feel that I DID NOT WANT to bother the other staff... but this might also indicate that I have too much PRIDE, being thinking that I would find it BY MYSELF (well, it is said that men likely fall into this kind of attitude... but it turned out into a WASTE of TIME, anyway)

At that time I should realize that since I am not in charge of that key, so instead of KEEPING SELF ASSUMPTION about it, I should CLARIFY the assumption first to the other more appropriate staff.

After the problem cleared, I had some conversation about it with the other staffs. Since that time afterward, it became some kind of jokes in our section, especially about everything that has something to do with ASSUMPTION. Whenever someone tell us about his ASSUMPTION, we often tease him either to PROVE it or CLARIFY it. Otherwise, it could become the thing that was happened to me...
Well.. we should be careful about everything, right?..